The Crow Dance

The Crow Dance serves as a tool with which one’s psychic ability is used to connect with the nature of the earth and the universe in order to transfer knowledge and the wisdom to use that knowledge for a positive result in the great evolution of life.

Connecting to the source of our being is essential to human existence, yet the ability to make this connection has all but been destroyed within the human race, replaced by religious tyrannies that forcefully took responsibility for the souls that never belonged to them.

We became victims of not only our own superstitions but those planted by others. Through fear we sought to obey as best as we could, yet only to be completely let down; until now. The path of human evolution seriously shows us that we will destroy not only ourselves spiritually, but the entire evolving nature of all life on this planet and the attached realms which function simultaneously with us.

The Crow Dance is for all people. It is tribal and resonates with times past, when we beat our spirit drums, and wore sacred feathers and beads of meaning in our hair and in our clothing, when we painted our faces and bodies with those sacred signs that we perceived in our dreams, and danced in communion with the nature of all things. The Crow Dance has started, as was planned years ago for this time, and it will do whatever the guiding spirits of universal love shall deem it to do.

– Taloch